Rubber Sheet

Have you been looking for a neoprene rubber sheet supplier? If you are, then, you might want to check what our company can give you.


We know that rubber mattings have a lot of benefits when it comes to your flooring requirements. We are not only speaking about flooring for homes or buildings but even those that are needed for vehicle protection.


As your potential rubber matting supplier, here are some of the types we currently produce: mattings for floors or vehicles and these can be made from neoprene, silicone rubber, nitrile rubber, viton, and EPDM rubber sheets.


These mats can come in a roll and can be rolled over like your usual carpet, it can come in tile form, and it can be in a form of a mat that you can lay over another layer of flooring. These also come in different designs or thickness to suit your specifications. Groomed pieces are best in areas where there could be huge traffic for longer hours. These can also be easily installed and you no longer have to worry about cracking or it slipping as we can also manufacture ones with anti slip technology underneath.


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Rubber Sheet