Rubber Waterstop Roll

Types of Rubber Waterstop

Dumb-bell type plain

Dumb-bell with center bulb

Corrugated type with center bulb

Corrugated Fin type with center bulb

Fin type with center bulb


Flexible, resilient, tough, chemically inert, is not affected by weathering, low temperatures, or constant immersion in water. It will withstand rough treatment during installation, yet is relatively easy to install and splice.


Rubber Waterstop is unaffected by concrete additives and most water solutions of organic chemicals. It has the ability to accommodate joint movements and at the same time prevent water passage through joints.


It also prevents water movement through concreter joints in water reservoirs, canals, dams, sewage treatment plants, bridges, stadiums, basements, floor slabs, parking garages, and similar structures.

Rubber Waterstop Roll